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Social care worker gets green fingered to help someone they support during the pandemic

13 May 2022

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Skills for Care

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Carer Yvonne of Complete Care at Home went above and beyond during the COVID-19 pandemic to help someone she supports to maintain their garden.

Covid restrictions meant councils were unable to maintain gardens which left Dawn, who uses a wheelchair, with overgrown bushes and weeds preventing her from leaving her house.

To help, Yvonne used her own spare time to cut back the bushes which were blocking Dawn’s path to make it safe for Dawn to leave her garden with no risk of her wheelchair getting stuck. Yvonne worked with Dawn to identify specific areas where she struggled to get her wheelchair through.

Once the bushes had been cut back and the weeds removed, Dawn was able to get out of her house in her wheelchair safely. She was also able to access her garden and engage with the local community by saying hello to neighbours and passers-by outside.

Yvonne did this as she knew how much Dawn needed to be able to get out, for both her physical and mental health.

Dawn was delighted once her garden was cut back, and the weeds cleared, and was very grateful to Yvonne.

Carer looks after garden for person she supports


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