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Why we’re #CelebratingSocialCare this April

03 Apr 2023

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As we launch our #CelebratingSocialCare spotlight, our CEO Oonagh Smyth shares why it’s so important for us to celebrate social care and why we’d love for you to join in too.

I’m delighted that this April we’re once again #CelebratingSocialCare.

Of course, at Skills for Care through our close work with social care workers, providers, and other organisations we celebrate social care every day- but this month we’re creating a dedicated time to celebrate that little bit louder and encourage everyone else to get involved too.

We first launched our #CelebratingSocialCare activity last April, and we were thrilled to see such enthusiastic engagement with this across the sector. Last year’s campaign had followed our National Day of Remembrance and Reflection which served as a time to reflect on the challenges of COVID-19 and remember those we had lost.

Among the mixed feelings of uncertainty and hope at this time it seemed a welcome moment for us to encourage a wave of positivity across the sector - to share some of the great things that were happening and to encourage people to praise and thank the wonderful people who they worked with, and themselves.

One year on, it again seems a prime time to encourage a moment of celebration across the sector and we know that so many of you are already eager to get involved again.

This month is an opportunity to take some dedicated time out of your busy days to shout about the great work you’ve been doing, the new innovations that have been introduced, the incredible people who you support, and the inspiring colleagues you work alongside.

We know that people who work in social care are highly-skilled, passionate and dedicated people who make a vital contribution to our communities. That’s why we think it’s so important to mark out this time to prompt people to acknowledge themselves and their colleagues for the important work that they do. We also hope that this month of celebration can raise wider public awareness about the great things that are happening across social care, the talented people who work in social care, and the enormity of the impact which the work social care workers do has for society.

This month we’ll also be celebrating the people who draw on care and support and sharing insights from people about the impact that social care has in supporting them to live their lives how they choose and do the things that they love, which is ultimately the goal for everyone working in social care.

As well as celebrating everyone working across social care and people who draw on care and support, I’ll also be celebrating all the other wonderful organisations working to support the social care sector and of course my own team here at Skills for Care.

There are lots of ways you can join in on the celebrations – from sharing your support on social media to running celebratory events with your team or the people you support.

You can find out more about how to get involved on our dedicated webpage.

We look forward to seeing all your celebrations and messages.

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