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Changes to the ASC-WDS homepage to improve data quality

31 May 2023

3 min read

We want to ensure that the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) and other decision makers have access to high-quality workforce data so they can make informed decisions about the sector.

We’ve made some changes to the Adult Social Care Workforce Data Set (ASC-WDS) homepage to prompt users to update their most important data more often. Having better data will allow us to produce more accurate and frequent insights about the workforce. Decision makers rely on these insights to plan, fund and monitor the sector.

The changes include a new summary panel which gives users notifications about their workplace, staff, and training and qualifications records. The simplified layout makes it easier for users to see where there are gaps or when data needs updating, such as staff vacancies.

Each notification links directly to the area that needs attention. Red and amber flags help the user understand the importance of each action.

To increase users’ awareness of valuable features in the service, we’ve also added two feature panels with graphic imagery that link through to the benchmarks and the Benefits Bundle. We hope this will encourage users to access these features more often.

Parent account and sub-account users will not see these changes. We’re currently speaking to parent account users about how they use and interact with ASC-WDS and what improvements could be made to enhance their experience.


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