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Skills for Care is supporting social care teams with developing a positive workplace culture

05 Jun 2023

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Skills for Care is supporting social care teams to develop a positive workplace culture.

In our latest campaign which will run through June and July, we'll be providing information and resources explaining what workplace culture is and how to create a positive culture. This will include blogs and real life insights from leadership experts and social care organisations who've successfully developed a positive workplace culture.

The campaign will run across our website, social media, and other communications channels.

There will also be a webinar for registered managers taking place on Thursday 6 July at 10am-11am, covering how to set and promote a positive workplace culture.

You can follow the campaign and join in on discussions on social media using #PositiveWorkplaceCulture.

The campaign comes as we prepare to launch an updated workplace culture toolkit in the near future. This will be a comprehensive guide that social care employers and managers can use to understand workplace culture and build a positive culture in their organisation.

Sarah-Jane Dale, Director of Development, Skills for Care and Chief Operating Officer, Affina Organisation Development (AOD), says:

A positive workplace culture supports staff to feel a sense of belonging and confidence at work, and as a result will lead to better outcomes for people who draw on care and support.

That’s why it’s so important that leaders prioritise developing their workplace culture, to benefit both their staff and the people who they support.

Culture is a core factor that the Care Quality Commission assess when determining if an organisation is ‘Well-led’, as leaders and managers really are at the heart of creating a positive workplace culture. Having an inclusive and supportive environment where everyone feels that they belong and are able to achieve their best also helps organisations to find and keep the best quality staff, which is so important amidst current recruitment and retention challenges.

I’m excited to see this campaign support social care leaders in fully understanding what workplace culture means and how they can create a positive one.

AOD is part of the Skills for Care Group. They specialise in team-based working and promoting belonging and effective inter-team working across organisations and integrated health and care services.


More information on the campaign and how to get involved can be found at:

Follow the campaign on social media using #PositiveWorkplaceCulture

Register for our positive workplace culture webinar.

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