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Skills for Care highlights how #DataDrivesChange with latest campaign

02 Oct 2023

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Skills for Care is showcasing the important impact which data has in making decisions and shaping policy for social care with our latest campaign ‘Making a difference with data #DataDrivesChange’.

The campaign aims to highlight how social care employers can help to drive change for the sector by sharing their data through the Adult Social Care Workforce Data Set (ASC-WDS).

It comes as we prepare to launch our annual ‘State of the adult social care sector and workforce in England report’ which is only made possible by the data submitted from over 20,000 adult social care organisation who use ASC-WDS.

ASC-WDS is one of the most comprehensive sources of data about the adult social care sector and workforce. It’s used by the Government and other key stakeholders to make important decisions and shape policy for the social care sector.

The service also allows employers to safely store their staff records to support with activities such as workforce planning, recruitment, and training, as well as to benchmark their organisation against other similar organisations for key workforce metrics.

Running through October, the campaign will include resources and information about how employers can use ASC-WDS to benefit their organisation and contribute to important decisions and discussions about the social care sector. It will also include case studies from employers who are already using ASC-WDS to benefit their organisation.

The campaign will run across our website, social media, and other communications channels.

You can follow the campaign and join in on social media using #DataDrivesChange.

Dave Griffiths, Head of Workforce Intelligence, Skills for Care says: 

Data is key in driving positive change for the people who work in social care and the people who draw on care and support.

Comprehensive and accurate data about the adult social care sector and workforce is vital in supporting decision makers to shape policy.

As we prepare to release our annual ‘State of the adult social care sector and workforce in England’ report for 2022/23, we want to extend a big thank you to the 20,000-plus organisations who share their data in ASC-WDS to make this important report possible.

We are excited to launch our #DataDrivesChange campaign ahead of the report, which will really showcase the impact that social care employers can have on decisions about social care, and the other benefits which ASC-WDS can offer care providers.

More information on the campaign and how to get involved can be found on our spotlight page. 

Follow the campaign on social media using #DataDrivesChange.

The ‘State of the adult social care sector and workforce in England’ report for 2022/23 will be published on 12 October. 

Find out more about ASC-WDS and sign up.

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