Skills for Care

Being a personal assistant means being involved in many aspects of your employer’s life. The opportunity to focus directly on the needs of an individual and the diversity of the role, is what often attracts people to this type of work. Working as a personal assistant has a number of advantages.

Job satisfaction  

Because a personal assistant is employed directly by the individual, you’ll support for the time they need, and tasks can be done well without the need to rush off. This also means you can build a longer-term professional relationship with your employer. 



Individual employers might need support with different parts of their life, at different times of the day, which means personal assistants can find a job with hours to suit when they are able to work, around your other commitments. Personal assistants can also work for more than one person if you want to. 



There are opportunities to provide a wide range of support for different individual employers, who want or need different things. Personal assistants could also work with someone who has the same interests as them. 


Attractive pay and employment conditions 

As a personal assistant you can often be better paid than working through an agency and are more likely to have permanent working hours. 


There’s plenty of times I’ve left work feeling uplifted. It’s very rewarding to help other people and see how you make a difference to their lives.

Personal assistant