Skills for Care

Employers can claim funding to support a newly qualified social worker (NQSW) through the Assessed and Supported Year of Employment (ASYE) programme and apply for ASYE certification.

Your NQSW(s) will need to complete a self-assessment against the child and family post qualifying standards. The assessment form (provided by the employer) will identify learning needs for the year which will inform their professional development plans.

To be able to offer the funding, we work with the Department for Education (DfE).



Submitting the action plan for continuous development for child and family ASYE 

If you're the primary contact responsible for managing the child and family ASYE funding application for your organisation, you'll have access to the funding platform. To submit the action plan, you must log into the platform. Once logged in, you’ll see that you can start a new application for action plan for continuous development 2023/24. Press the blue start button to be taken to the online form version of the action plan. 

The online version mirrors the information in the Word version of the action plan, so if you’ve already filled this in, you can copy and paste the information into the online version. 

Please make sure you’ve completed and submitted your action plan by 31 March 2024 to ensure that you receive your funding. If it’s not submitted, you’ll be in breach of the terms and conditions outlined in the ASYE grant letter. 

The online form is easy to navigate and submit but if you have any questions or difficulties in filling in the action plan in the funding platform, please email  




We’ve been working hard to improve the platform that is used to manage the disbursement of the ASYE child and family funding, and we’re delighted that this is now live and available to use.

Access the new ASYE child and family platform

Registrations are now open to apply for funding for ASYE child and family NQSWs for 2023-24 and although the platform you use to apply for the funding has changed, the data that we collect has not.

Responding to extensive user research, we've improved the overall experience to make it easier for you to access funding and manage your NQSWs.

  • Your ASYE child and family funding account is no longer accessed via the Skills for Care portal. Follow the link to access the new ASYE child and family funding platform. If you previously held an ASYE child and family account, you can access your account in the new platform by using your existing email address and resetting your password. We encourage you to check your account information once logged in and update it if it’s incorrect.
  • Applications are now submitted for each NQSW, therefore there’s no overarching 'organisational' application which you need to submit before adding NQSWs to the platform.
  • It’s easier for you to track each NQSWs progress through the funding programme.
  • The data sharing agreement is made against each NQSW.
  • The first time you log in, using your existing email address, you’ll need to go to the forgotten password area to reset your password.
  • New users will be required to register on the new platform.
  • We’ve migrated your information from the previous application years to the new platform.
  • If you have outstanding 6 and 12 month reviews to submit, you need to do this in the new platform. You can find reports by logging in, pressing 'My Applications' and pressing 'Reports' by each NQSW.
  • If you have outstanding 12 month reviews to submit, you need to do this in the new platform. You’ll also need to update us if there is any change to the ASYE status of NQSWs in the ASYE status report. Please do this as soon as you’re aware of any change. You can find reports by logging in, pressing 'My Applications' and pressing 'Reports' by each NQSW.
  • If you’ve bookmarked the link to the old platform in your browser, please replace it with the link to the new platform.
  • Information on how to use the new platform is available once you log in.



If you have any questions, comments or feedback about the new platform, please email 



Certificates will be issued to employers for NQSWs that have started from 1 April 2020 onwards. To claim a certificate, employers need to update the NQSW record on the funding platform with the date of completion of the ASYE.