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Recognition scheme supports positive workplace culture for nurses

13 Jul 2023

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Zoe Steventon, registered nurse and General Manager at Edgbaston Manor, and Rebecca Kneller, registered nurse and Deputy Manager at Edgbaston Manor share how their recognition scheme for staff has helped to develop a positive workplace culture for their team.

We always had a positive workplace culture at Edgbaston Manor but there was a lot of stress post-pandemic and as we transitioned to a new company, we didn’t want to lose staff or any of the positivity we had built up so far.

So, we developed the Manor Magic Moments recognition scheme to help further develop our positive workplace culture.

The scheme has been running for 18 months and with changes happening within our organisation, the aim was to assure the staff that they were still at the heart of everything we do. We see staff go above and beyond on a daily basis, and we wanted to recognise this. We felt that having a better approach to engagement and reward would increase staff retention as they would feel valued and appreciated for their ongoing contribution to the team.

We wholeheartedly believe that we must have good engagement with staff to ensure residents are well looked after. We believe we should value and respect our workforce and our recognition scheme is a small way we can show our team how proud we are of them. The team being happy and positive means the care our residents receive will be of a high standard.


A positive impact for all

Our latest Care Quality Commission (CQC) inspection was rated ’Good’ in all areas and our last Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) audit was 95%. We’ve also had positive feedback in both staff and resident/relative surveys.

Results showed that 88% of staff were happy and felt engaged with, we have no current vacancies, and staff sickness and turnover is low. Our low staff turnover means we can provide consistent high-quality personalised care which could be a contributing factor to 100% of our residents saying they felt safe and were treated with dignity and respect.

The times we do have to recruit is due to occupancy growth not staff leaving and in five years we’ve never needed to use agency staff. The relationships within the care home are special and built on trust, the team know the residents and their relatives which is why we also have very low complaints.

All our team members genuinely love the recognition scheme and really enjoy having the recognition and of course a gift of their choice.

If you want to start a recognition scheme in your organisation our top tip would be to get everyone involved – staff, residents and relatives, and advertise that you’re doing it and the reasons why. Also make sure to choose reward gifts which suit everyone’s tastes so everyone can be rewarded with something that matters to them.


Zoe and Rebecca recently gave a presentation about the recognition scheme to nurses in their local area.

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