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Resources to support you with developing a positive workplace culture

15 Jun 2023

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As leaders and managers an important part of your role is creating a positive workplace culture. We have resources to help you.

Our workplace culture underpins everything that we do, and how we feel at work. We can’t see workplace culture, but it can be felt through our organisational values, traditions, beliefs, interactions, behaviours, workplace norms, and attitudes.

Leaders and managers are key to developing and sustaining a positive workplace culture which ensures staff feel confident, happy, and supported at work.

We have resources that can support you in developing a positive workplace culture.


Understanding workplace culture module

The ‘Understanding workplace culture’ digital learning module can support managers in gaining a greater understanding of what workplace culture means. It explores the link between vision, values, and culture, providing practical support to influence change and develop the culture of adult social care services. The module also provides a useful opportunity for social care managers to connect with each other to gain further understanding and inspiration on developing a positive workplace culture.

This module is provided by Skills for Care’s endorsed learning providers.

Find out more about the module.


Wellbeing leadership webinar

Our most recent webinar for registered managers focuses on wellbeing leadership, exploring what good looks like and providing best practice examples and tips. The webinar covers compassionate leadership, as well as discussing what psychological safety means and how to have courageous conversations with your team about wellbeing.

You can hear from other leaders and managers working in social care about how they’ve created a positive culture for wellbeing.

View the webinar.


Supporting the development of leadership skills guide

Leaders are at the heart of developing a positive workplace culture. This guide can help leaders to develop the relevant skills to support them in leading and growing teams and building a positive workplace culture.

This includes programmes, practical tools, and opportunities to make connections.

View the guide.


Supporting a diverse workforce: understanding racism guide

Promoting and supporting a diverse workforce and ensuring everyone feels they belong in your organisation is an essential part of developing a positive workplace culture. Understanding racism is important in being able to support a diverse workforce.

This introductory guide gives an overview of current thinking and understanding about racism, and highlights some of the forms that racism takes. It encourages reflection and discussion, providing an opportunity to identify any actions to take forward to support diversity in your workplace.

View the guide.


Valuable People programme

Our Valuable People: Finders Keepers programme is run by Skills for Care for local authorities and supports social care organisations to find and keep the right people with the right values.

The programme covers four main elements:

  • supporting recruiters with digital recruitment options, including social media,
  • exploring values-based recruitment and techniques to recruit people with the right values for your organisation,
  • an overview of data and evidence-led recommendations to support with recruitment,
  • one-to-one support with embedding and reviewing the learning from the programme into your organisation.

Find out more about the programme.


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