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Six eLearning modules to develop you and your team

22 Nov 2023

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Skills for Care

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We round-up six online learning modules for social care managers and their teams, and highlight how you can claim from the Workforce Development Fund (WDF) towards these modules.

Introductory modules for managers

Our ‘Introductory modules for managers’ have been recently re-developed, and support the development of aspiring and new managers.

There are 11 modules in total covering topics including supporting and developing teams; regulation and governance; communication, and decision-making.

The modules are based on the Manager Induction Standards and offer engaging introductions to key topic areas including real-life examples of good practice that learners can connect with, relate to, and learn from.

Employers can claim £50 per module through WDF.

Find out more about the ‘Introductory modules for managers’.


Creating an inclusive organisation

Our recently updated ‘Creating an inclusive organisation’ programme supports people to improve equality, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) across their organisation.

The programme consists of two eLearning modules which are designed to develop leadership skills and promote career progression. All topics covered in the modules form part of an action plan which can be used by the participant to improve their learning and understanding but can also be used to educate colleagues and improve EDI within their organisation.

Topics covered include discrimination; promoting EDI; leadership and management, and personal branding.

Organisations can claim £50 per module through WDF.

Find out more about the ‘Creating an inclusive organisation’ programme.


Moving Up

Moving Up is a blended programme combining eLearning and face-to-face learning.

The popular programme supports Black and Asian managers and aspiring managers to take the next step in their career, and to overcome and challenge discrimination and obstacles they may face.

Topics covered include confidence; personal branding; communication; leadership, and identifying strengths and weaknesses.

The programme also offers a valuable opportunity to network with people who have similar backgrounds and experiences.

Employers can claim £500 towards the programme through WDF.

Find out more about Moving Up.


Learning from events

This interactive module is designed to support managers to carry out learning reviews which look at what can be learned from experiences and actions that haven’t gone as planned.

Learning reviews allow teams to explore different perspectives and create a positive action plan that supports individuals and seeks to avoid repeat incidents.

The short 35-minute module covers what learning reviews are, why they’re needed and how they can help you; how to complete learning reviews with individuals and as a team, and how to embed learning reviews into your working environment.

Employers can claim £50 through WDF.

Find out more about ‘Learning from events’.


CQC eLearning

We have three Care Quality Commission (CQC) eLearning modules which can help you to prepare for CQC inspection and improve your rating.

The three modules are:

  • Being prepared for CQC inspection eLearning
  • Improving your CQC rating
  • Delivering outstanding care

Each module is aimed at managers and quality and compliance leads, although anyone involved in CQC inspection can complete the module.

The modules are based on successful practice from real organisations, and have been updated to align with the new CQC Single Assessment Framework.

Employers can claim £50 through WDF for each module.

Find out more about the CQC eLearning modules.


Barclays Digital Eagles

We're working in partnership with Barclays to provide digital support, virtual learning sessions and eLearning to the adult social care sector.

Their ‘Digital Wings’ platform provides support for the social care workforce to grow their knowledge, understanding and confidence to meet the digital requirements of their organisation.

This resource is free to access.

Find out more on Digital Wings website or on our webpage.


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