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Skills for Care launches values-based recruitment toolkit

25 Sep 2023

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Skills for Care has launched a values-based recruitment toolkit to support social care employers to #RecruitRight.

The toolkit details a step-by-step approach for social care employers to develop and implement effective values-based recruitment and retention within their workplace.

The toolkit can be used by organisations and individual employers.

Employers have told us that using values-based recruitment results in lower recruitment costs, positive return on investment, lower staff turnover and better staff performance.

The toolkit covers the 5As model, which maps out the different stages of a values-based recruitment approach. These are:

  • articulate: identifying and communicating your values;
  • attract: advertising roles in a way to attract people who share your values;
  • apply: designing an application process where candidates can showcase their values;
  • assess: using tools to assess candidates’ values;
  • assimilate: induct, develop, supervise, and manage staff in line with your values.

The launch of the updated toolkit comes as we continue our #RecruitRight spotlight, sharing information and resources to support social care employers with finding and keeping the right people.

Jeanine Willoughby, Project Manager - Capacity and Transformation, Skills for Care, says:

“Employers tell us having a clear values-based approach to recruitment and retention not only helps with finding the right people for their workplace, but also supports keeping employees who have the right vision and behaviours to reach shared goals.

“We’re delighted to launch our refreshed values-based recruitment toolkit, which will be a useful resource in supporting social care employers to embrace values-based recruitment in their workplaces.”

View the toolkit.

Find more information and support with the #RecruitRight spotlight.

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