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I Care…Ambassadors are care workers who inspire and motivate people to understand more about working in social care.

Our I Care…Ambassadors are helping people to make informed decisions about their careers. What makes them so special is that they’ve been there and have experience in the job they’re promoting.

You can search for an I Care…Ambassador to help you promote careers in care. 
Find an ambassador 

Encouraging your staff to become I Care... Ambassadors can have a range of benefits for your organisation such as supporting distance recruitment, contribute to workforce retention and finding new members of the workforce.

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This resource shows how ambassadors can recruit staff and volunteers quickly.
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This resource details ways Ambassadors can support distance recruitment and positively promote working in care.


Getting started

As a social care employer, there are three ways you can register with I Care…Ambassadors. 

There are three ways you can register with I Care…Ambassadors. This guidance will help you decide which option is best for you.

This means you want to join a partnership with other care employers and have a nominated person coordinate the service. 

This means you’re a single social care organisation who wants to set up their own I Care…Ambassador service.

Register an I Care…Ambassadors account


When you’ve registered you’ll need to nominate staff to become I Care…Ambassadors.



You and your ambassadors will get a login to the I Care…Ambassadors Hub to access:

  • Welcome Modules – the Welcome Modules provide information to help ambassadors in their new role, so they feel prepared and confident to deliver activity
  • Resource Bank – the Resource Bank is a collection of free online resources such as tips on using social media, an activities toolkit and a presentation
  • I Care…About Impact tool – you can set up surveys to evaluate the impact your ambassadors make, and download reports and graphs.

Clients such as teachers and careers advisors will find you using the online Search Register and will contact the service coordinator. The coordinator will ask appropriate ambassadors to deliver different activities.


Individual employers

If you are an individual employer you can either register your own service or join an existing partnership.

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If you employ your own carers or PAs using a direct payment, PHB or with your own money, this guide can help you decide how to register. 


Before you register

Things you need to know before you register.

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See what is expected of employers and employees who join the I Care... Ambassador initative. Discover the I Care... Ambassador pledge.

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If your latest inspection report was reviewed by people interested in joining the sector, would your establishment be publicly perceived as a good quality care provider?

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The privacy policy explains what information we collect, how we use information, disclosing and sharing data, how we protect data, data storage and your rights.


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