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Learning and development opportunities for social care managers

31 Jan 2024

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It’s vital to #KeepLearning at all stages of your career. We round-up some of the learning and development opportunities available for managers in social care.

Learning and development doesn’t stop once you reach a certain point in your career. Continuing professional development and regular training is important for everyone to bring your best to your role, whatever level you’re at.

Ongoing learning and development will support you to keep your skills and knowledge up-to-date, will ensure you’re following best practice guidelines, and can make you feel happier, more confident and more motivated in your role. Plus as a leader or manager, by regularly prioritising your ongoing development you set a positive example for your team to do the same.

These are some of the learning and development opportunities available for new, experienced and aspiring managers that you can make use of this year.


Manager induction standards

The ‘Manager induction standards’ set out what new and existing managers need to know to succeed in their role.

Topics covered in the standards include leadership and management styles, conflict management, supporting and developing teams, recruitment, health and wellbeing and other key issues which managers must feel confident to lead on.

Find out more about the ‘Manager induction standards’.


Introductory eLearning modules for managers

Our ‘Introductory modules for managers’ support the development of aspiring and new managers.

There are 11 modules in total covering topics including supporting and developing teams; regulation and governance; communication, and decision-making.

The modules are based on the 'Manager induction standards' and offer engaging introductions to key topic areas including real-life examples of good practice that learners can connect with, relate to, and learn from.

Find out more about the ‘Introductory modules for managers’.


Leadership programmes and CPD

There’s a number of leadership and continuing professional development (CPD) programmes which are delivered exclusively by Skills for Care’s endorsed learning providers.

These include:

  • 'Leading change, improving care': Practical guidance for managers on how to influence and implement the necessary changes to meet current and future challenges and service needs in health and social care.
  • 'Lead to succeed': To develop leadership and management potential and put this into practice.
  • 'Well led': Models of leadership that can be practically applied to deliver change and promote best practice.

The CPD modules focus on understanding performance management, understanding self-management, and understanding workplace culture.

Find out more about the leadership and CPD modules.



Gaining a qualification is a rewarding and valuable way to support your continuing professional development.

Qualifications range from diplomas to smaller awards and certificates which are more focused on specific topics.

The Level 5 Diploma in Leadership and Management in Adult Care is designed for those managing an adult social care service, including the role of registered manager and requires learners to develop and demonstrate an in-depth understanding and effective practice in leadership and management for adult care services.

Find out more about adult social care qualifications.


Leadership qualities framework

The 'Leadership qualities framework' focuses on the values and behaviours that provide the foundations for effective leadership in social care.

It explains what good leadership looks like and describes the attitudes and behaviours needed for high-quality leadership at all levels across the social care workforce. The framework can be used by everyone in the social care workforce, no matter what the size of their organisation or the nature of their role.

Find out more about the 'Leadership qualities framework'.


Developing new managers and deputies guide

New managers and deputies are key to succession planning and ensuring you have the right people in place to step up to managerial roles when needed.

Deputy managers also play a key role in supporting registered managers.

Our 'Developing new managers and deputies guide' includes practical examples and checklists on how to develop your new and deputy managers. It’s based on what we’ve learned through our work with aspiring managers and the programmes that have supported them to develop.

Find out more about the 'Developing new managers and deputies guide'.


Culture toolkit

Creating a positive workplace culture is a key part of a manager’s role.

Things you can do to help create a positive workplace culture include consulting your staff about your organisation’s values and whether these are felt throughout the typical working day, and taking steps to make sure these are embedded into the organisation such as creating a staff handbook and reviewing processes to make sure they align with your values and culture.

You can find practical guidance and activities to support with this in our ‘Positive culture toolkit for adult social care’.

Find out more about our ‘Positive culture toolkit for adult social care’.


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