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Skills for Care’s endorsed providers support leaders to keep learning

27 Feb 2024

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Find out more about how Skills for Care’s leadership programmes provided by our endorsed learning providers can support leaders to #KeepLearning in a way that suits them.

Skills for Care’s endorsed learning providers offer exclusive training programmes to support leaders in adult social care. These can be tailored to meet the specific needs of different care organisations.

Some of our endorsed providers have been awarded funding, which means organisations can access the leadership programmes as part of the fully funded offer. Find out which endorsed providers are offering this on our website.

The modules available are:

Across these programmes, key areas of leadership are covered including influencing change, understanding different models of leadership, managing people, and shaping workplace culture.


Lead to Succeed with Grey Matter Learning

We spoke with one of our endorsed learning providers, Grey Matter Learning, about how they provided the Lead to Succeed module to a care organisation.

The Lead to Succeed programme which is provided by Grey Matter Learning and other Skills for Care endorsed learning providers is a practical learning programme aimed at aspiring managers and deputies in adult social care services.

It covers topics including supervision, change management, workplace culture and preparing for inspections.

The programme allows for flexibility in how it’s delivered to different care organisations, allowing learning providers to tailor their approach and provide bespoke variations of the training to meet different organisation’s needs.

This is what Grey Matter Learning has done, specifically tailoring the training to align with the unique processes, procedures, and organisational culture of the organisation they were supporting.

They receive positive feedback on the programme, with the care organisation saying they found the programme highly valuable and relevant to their roles and the organisation’s culture.


Find out more about how to access the funded leadership programmes.

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