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Confidence, reassurance, knowing you’re in the same boat as others and having someone to share problems with.
Registered Manager

RMN-web-imageWhen you tell us about the support that benefits you the most, you often tell us about how vital your links to other managers are.  

This is why we work with registered managers to facilitate local networks across England, giving you the chance to network with like-minded colleagues who face similar, everyday challenges.

Each network is led by a chair, who is also a registered manager. Local networks meet at least three times per year and always ensure that the topics are relevant to you and your role.

Networks are a great source of information, offer access to guest speakers, including the CQC, and support from other managers.

When we asked managers how they benefited from attending networks, they said they:

  • felt more confident and prepared for inspection
  • could share ideas and good practice with other managers
  • were more positive about their current position
  • felt less isolated as a result of attending a network.

Find out more about how powerful networks can be for registered managers here.

At the Hartlepool network our aim is ensure that all organisations are up-to-date with current training needs and that staff come on board with the values and beliefs that we have. We are all aiming for the same outcome and that is to ensure people are safe and supported by promoting independence and having the best quality of life - achieving dreams and aspirations.   

Samantha Gardner

Registered Service Manager, Real Life Options

Our networks cover every local authority area in England and we’re always keen to help create new ones.

  • Contact your locality manager to discuss the opportunity to set up a new one.

The managers that attended were very supportive of the network and found it very useful to have the opportunity to talk to a representative from the CQC, who was very pleased to see networks like ours being set up and to support these.

Derby City registered manager network

If you're a network chair, we have lots of resources to support you in this role.

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