Hillary Delaney Hall

Our mission statement is "To serve, to enable and to be kind." Through our many years of experience working in and understanding the Adult Health & Social Care industry, we are able to appreciate that training aimed at residential or Dom. Care services is not appropriate for Personal Assistants (PAs) and their Individual Employers (IEs) We have developed and re-written programs which take into account the unique role of PA and IE. Our trainers enthusiastic approach to learning ensures we deliver sessions that are practical and enjoyable. Our training styles are highly interactive and lively, incorporating audio-visual materials, discussion and opportunities to work in small groups that creates an environment conducive to personal development. Many of our learning sessions take place in the IE's own home at a date and time to suit them and their PAs. Sessions are available evenings/weekends to ensure that no PA/IE is disadvantaged. We also provide our services to PHB Clients.

This provider offers courses in: Accredited qualifications, Well being, Learning disabilities, Mental health, Substance dependency, Assisting and moving, Autism, Health and safety, Infection and control, Dementia, Medication, Mental Capacity Act, Safeguarding, End of Life Care

Region: East Midlands, London, North West, South East, West Midlands

Level of endorsement: Endorsed

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