Funding for training

We can help support adult social care workers develop the right skills and knowledge with funding for related training and adult social care qualifications. Find out more about the following areas:


Funding for adult social care employers

Workforce Development Fund (WDF)

This fund allows you to claim back money towards the costs of workers completing a broad range of adult social care qualifications, learning programmes and digital learning modules.
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Lifetime Skills Guarantee 

The government initiative includes full funding for almost 400 level 3 qualifications. Any adult aged 24 and over, who doesn't already hold a full level 3 qualification (A-Level) or equivalent), can access the funding.

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Funding for individual employers and user led organisations 

Individual employers

If you employ your own care and support staff through a personal budget from social care or health (i.e. personal health budget) or using your own money, you can apply for funding to train your staff and your PAs.
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User-led organisation

If you're a user led organisation, you can apply for a grant to deliver training for people who employ their own care and support staff (individual employers) and their PAs.
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Funding for newly qualified social workers

Assessed and supported year in employment funding

If you employ newly qualified social workers, you can claim funding relating to the Assessed and Supported Year in Employment (ASYE).
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Apprenticeship funding and the levy 

Funding available to contribute towards the cost of apprenticeships is different depending on whether you’re a non-levy payer or a levy payer.
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