I Care...Ambassadors

Across England, our I Care…Ambassadors are helping people to make informed decisions about their careers.

Ambassadors are care workers who inspire and motivate people to understand more about working in social care. What makes them so special is that they’ve been there and have experience in the job they’re promoting.

As an employer, you can sign up and nominate your staff to become ambassadors. This will not only help you to recruit new staff to the sector, but retain existing workers too.

If you’re a teacher, careers advisor or work in employment support, you can search for an
I Care…Ambassador to help you promote careers in care. 

Helping you to retain your staff

Ambassadors visit schools, colleges and Jobcentres and run a range of careers activities, such as presentations and mentoring.

Talking honestly and enthusiastically about their job can really motivate people – 83% of care workers felt more motivated in their work having become an I Care…Ambassador

Helping you to recruit new staff to the sector

Hearing from an ambassador can also make a real difference to those looking for careers information. Joining I Care…Ambassadors can help you build links in your community and support your recruitment.

Our latest infographic shows the great work ambassadors do to inspire others to work in social care, including figures from the I Care...About Impact tool such as 35% more young people and adults were more interested in a career in social care, and 92% of audience members know more than they did before about different social care careers having heard from an ambassador

Getting started 

Read the information below to find out more about joining I Care...Ambassadors. When you're ready to join, look in the 'How do I register?' section below for step by step guidance. 


I Care…Ambassadors are care workers who deliver activities and talk about what it’s like to work in social care. They could visit schools, colleges and Jobcentres to run a range of careers activities including

  • talks
  • presentations
  • interactive group activities
  • running an information stand
  • mentoring
  • supporting a workplace visit or placement
  • media activities.

As an employer, you can register and nominate your staff to become ambassadors.


I Care…Ambassadors is a great way of finding the right people to meet the growing demand for social care workers. You can hear from employers who have signed up about the benefits to their business here



Benefits to your business

There are lots of benefits of joining I Care…Ambassadors.

  • Attract more people – One in four people are more interested in a career in care having heard from an ambassador.
  • Boost your business – When your staff share why they love their job, it will encourage others to choose or recommend your organisation.
  • Motivate your staff – We know 70% of ambassadors feel more confident and motivated in their work as a result of being an ambassador.
  • Develop your staff – Becoming an I Care…Ambassador is a fantastic learning and development opportunity.
  • Cut your recruitment costs – I Care…Ambassadors can help you attract more informed people who have what it takes to work in social care.

Access to resources and support

When you register, you get access to a Resources Bank of free online guidance and templates to help. You can also use the I Care…Ambassadors branding on your website and resources to create a professional image of your organisation.

Create reports and graphs to showcase your great work

You’ll have access to the I Care…About Impact tool which enables you to gather feedback on your activity. You can download reports and graphs to show the impact your ambassadors are having. 

We've created the How do we know we're making a difference infographic (2016) that shows how employers can benefit from I Care...Ambassadors, and the Bringing social care to life infographic (2017) that highlights how I Care...Ambassadors are inspiring more people to work in social care. 


There are some things you need to know and do before you register.

  • Make sure you understand I Care…Ambassadors and how it works.
  • Read the Principles and Pledge and Care quality expectations to check if  you’re eligible to join I Care…Ambassadors and what your commitment will be.
  • Make sure you have sufficient resources and capacity to sustain your
    I Care…Ambassadors service. Think about if you have capacity to release staff to deliver ambassador activity, do your staff have access to the internet and email and can you cover the cost of activity?
  • Make a plan and create a service agreement that outlines how your service or partnership works. If you choose to join an existing partnership, you should ask to see their service agreement before you join. 


As a social care employer, there are three ways you can register with
I Care…Ambassadors
. This guidance will help you decide which option is best for you. 

If you employ your own carers or PAs using a direct payment, PHB or with your own money, this guide can help you decide how to register. 


 1.    Join an existing I Care…Ambassador partnership

This means you want to join a partnership with other social care employers and have a nominated person coordinate the service. 

This step by step guide will tell you everything you need to know about joining an existing I Care…Ambassador partnership.

Find your local partnership and contact them now. 


 2.    Register as a new employer partnership

This means you want to set up a new partnership of social care employers.

This step by step guide will tell you everything you need to know about setting up and running a new I Care…Ambassador partnership.

When you’re ready, click here to register an I Care…Ambassadors account. 


 3.    Register your organisation or your employer as an
I Care…Ambassador service

This means you’re a single organisation who wants to set up their own I Care…Ambassador service.

This step by step guide will tell you everything you need to know about setting up and running a new I Care…Ambassador service.

(If you're an individual employer who's setting up your own service, this step by step guide will help you to do this.)

When you’re ready, click here to register an I Care…Ambassadors account. 


Find out more 

If you still need help, email icare@skillsforcare.org.uk or call 0113 2410959.



  • When you’ve registered you’ll need to nominate staff to become 
    I Care…Ambassadors. We have a leaflet and poster to help you promote I Care…Ambassadors to your staff. 

  • You and your ambassadors will get a login to the I Care…Ambassadors Hub. From here you can access:

    • Welcome Modules – the Welcome Modules provide information to help ambassadors in their new role, so they feel prepared and confident to deliver activity
    •  Resources Bank – the Resources Bank is a collection of free online resources such as tips on using social media, an activities toolkit and a presentation
    • I Care…About Impact tool – you can set up surveys to evaluate the impact your ambassadors make, and download reports and graphs.

  • Customers such as teachers and careers advisors will find you using the online Search Register and will contact the service coordinator. The coordinator will ask appropriate ambassadors to deliver different activities. 


If you’re already registered with I Care…Ambassadors you can access the Hub here.

From the home page you can amend your account details, add staff to be new I Care…Ambassadors, access the Welcome Modules and Resources Bank, and set up a survey on the I Care…About Impact tool.

New resources on the Resources Bank

Here are just some of the new resources on the Resources Bank. To access more login or register with I Care...Ambassadors


Skills for Care supported three I Care...Ambassador services to pilot an integrated model of the initiative. They explored the feasibility and benefits of expanding I Care...Ambassadors to health staff. 

The partnerships worked with ambassadors from health to deliver careers activities. 

Read the evaluation here.