Recruiting the right people

recruitment iconRecruiting people for their values and behaviours helps you attract people who know what it means to provide high quality care and support, who are more likely to stay.

When recruiting people, it’s important to consider if they:

  • have the behaviours and values you’re looking for
  • will fit with your organisational culture
  • have realistic expectations about what it’s like to work in care.

Some roles do require specific qualifications, skills, knowledge and experience which should also be considered.

Don't just fill the vacancies. Fill them with the right people.

Claxton House, Atlanta Healthcare, residential care provider

Employers have told us that a values-based approach to recruitment has resulted in:

  • lower recruitment costs
  • positive return on investment
  • lower staff turnover
  • better staff performance.

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Come to our practical seminar

Our ‘Finding the right people seminar’ will help you identify your ideal candidate and get the most out of application forms, interviewing and the selection process. You can come along to one we’re running, or we can deliver it directly to you.