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Here are some useful templates to help you to recruit and manage your personal assistant. You can use them as they are or change them to suit your needs. 

You can download them as PDF or Word document below. 

We've split them up into each section of the toolkit. 

Recruiting a personal assistant

  • Sample job description and person specification - PDF - Word
  • Sample job adverts - PDF - Word
  • Sample job application form - PDF - Word
  • Sample letter inviting people to interview - PDF - Word
  • Sample letter telling people that they have not got an interview - PDF - Word
  • Sample letter offering the job - PDF - Word
  • Sample letter turning down an applicant - PDF - Word

Before your personal assistant starts

  • Sample contract of employment - PDF - Word
  • Sample holiday request form - PDF - Word
  • Sample sickness absence recording form - PDF - Word
  • Sample safety in the home checklist - PDF - Word
  • Sample risk assessment - PDF - Word

Managing and developing your personal assistant

Sorting out problems

  • Sample disciplinary procedure - PDF - Word
  • Sample grievance policy - PDF - Word


Download a book with all of these templates in here.